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CSCC's Board Members

Who We Are:

Loraine Wilber


Not only beginning our Sunday Service off with amazing music Loraine also does an amazing job organizing our Christmas pageant each year.

Becky Powell

Vice President

Becky is an amazingly devoted Christian. Even through all of the tragedy of losing very dear family members she holds her head high and helps to set up Sunday Service every week.

Traci Franklin


A wonderful newcomer to the CSCC team. She helps Becky to set up Sunday Service each week and helps organize details for the board.

Agnes Meksula


A lovely member of the board who helps organize the budget every year for CSCC. Also counts the offering each week to take to the bank.


I'm Jeffery Lemire (Jeff)

A long time member of Jordan College who has made his way back to CSCC to be our much appreciated Pastor. He does amazing sermons that everyone should hear!

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